Committees 2017-2018

  • Program Committee

    Chairman Jackie Rodriguez
    Co Chairman

    The Program Committee is responsible for ensuring that the content, conduct and venue of the regular meetings are of a quality that encourages and attracts attendance/participation of the general membership. Towards that end provision should be made for the functional coordination of:

    Recognition/Fining Session
    The prime objective of this function is to recognize RCM members in a very innovative, informative and interesting manner to encourage fellowship and liven up the conduct of the regular Thursday luncheon meetings.

    NOTE: “Real Fining” require the prior approval of the board and concurrence by those to be fined

  • House – Events Management

    Chairman Dir Art Lopez

    Managing over-all arrangements on physical, catering, and support services and other amenities provided by the hotel during the official Club Thursday Luncheon Meeting.

  • Balita Committee

    Chairman PD Albert Alday

    Being the official Rotary Club Bulletin Magazine issued on a weekly basis every Thursday, it serves as the main channel of information on every facets about Rotary within and outside of the Club for all members. It also enhances interest among members on Rotary Education, to stimulate interest, to improve attendance, to announce the programs of upcoming activities, relate highlights of previous meetings, promote fellowship, report news of the club, its members, and the worldwide program of Rotary.

  • Music Committee

    Chairman PP Babes Reyes
    Cochairman PP Benny Laguesma

    To perform the Musical Portion and other Special Entertainment Number during the weekly RCM luncheon meetings and other functions outside the Club upon invitation. Raises funds for deserving charitable initiatives through the annual “Christmas Caroling” activity.

  • Public Relations / Media Committee

    The committee – Chartered to enhance public awareness of RCM, its history, goals and accomplishments throughout the Rotary year, especially during Rotary Awareness Month (January); works with the other committees that are conducting service activities to publicize club projects through the local media; communicate with key organizations and leaders within the community; and work with the district Public Relations chairperson to keep him/her informed of larger stories that may generate beyond the local community.

  • Attendance

    Encourages attendance at the weekly luncheon meetings of the Club.


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