Gift Giving Hospicio de San Jose

Message for District Governor Loy Cosico, and Global Presidents 

Please come and consider a joint gift giving this Christmas with RCM Special Children Committee during annual Christmas Gift Giving for the special children and elderlies of Hospicio de San Jose –

On- Friday, Dec 15,2017
Time- 3:00pm
Venue- Hospicio de San Jose

To help us prepare the gift packs, Hospicio de San Jose provided a Wish List, which can be found hereunder:

Milk: Bonna, Bonnamil and Anlene or any Non-Fat Milk for the Elderly

Packed Juices for Snacks of Children: only Dutch Mill Juices or Fresh Milk ( for baon)

Quaker Oats for the Elderly and Special Kids

Canned Goods for Breakfast like Corned Beef, Sausage, Pork and Beans,

Individually Wrapped Biscuits or Muffins for Children’s Baon to School

Noodles/ Pancit Canton, Bihon, or Sotanghon

Powdered Soap in Sacks like Surf or Champion

Laundry Soap in Bars

For appliances:

Stand Fans (3)

Osteorizer for the Babies

Sterilizer for Feeding Bottles

Freezer – chest type for the kitchen

Please advise your participation to help bring cheer to the children born with developmental disorders and the abandoned elderlies .

GP Jimmie Policarpio, Jr.

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