God save the world

A simple but very meaningful portrayal of Rotary Club of Manila Centennial Committee One Rotary, One Philippines, One for Marawi poster that expresses a @commitment to remain engaged in a depressed situation even after “the press has gone home”.

Service above self, a credo not only shared among Rotarians but a way of life for RCMers who continue to provide medical assistance and augment medicine requirements for the war victims of Marawi.

The dedication and determination of the OROPOM to continue aiding the desperate and helpless victims of war in Marawi is never done until such time as hospital services and government assistance is completed by restoring health services and social welfare of its residents.

Chairman Raffy Alunan III and Co-Chair Jackie Rodriguez continue their relentless efforts to bring these services to neighborhoods that seemingly have been forsaken by others in Marawi. With the help of other Rotary Clubs Quiapo and Metro Ranao, the Philippine Army, and PNP, the OROPOM Team of volunteers composed of physicians of different disciplines have completed a 2 day medical mission, Aug. 06-07, 2018 in Bray. Sogod, Marawi. More than 2000 residents have been helped by the mission team from minor surgeries, dental, even simple haircuts provided by the Philippine Army barbers to stop the spread of hair lice within the Community.

Already the group of volunteers are eager to return back to lend their expertise to our brothers and sisters in Marawi who needs them. Allow us to share the comments of one of the Rotarian volunteer that participated in the Mission of Service above One’s Self…

Dear Raffy,
Fantastic article, really inspiring, I just would like to thank you Raffy and Jack for the opportunity and honor of being part of One Rotary, One Philippines, One for Marawi. From the first meeting until now, this program has grown thanks to your determination, Raffy as Chair, the determination of Jack Rodriguez as Co- Chair, and the hand in hand effort of the rest of the people involve. I am foreigner, my family and I, made the decision of making the Philippines our home and I, as a regular father wants the best for its family. For us Philippines is an amassing country, Filipinos, in general, are incredible people that can overcome any calamity with a smile and hard work. This is a country, where people loves to belong, family, religious beliefs, I just think that initiatives like One Rotary One Philippines One for Marawi, is helping a sense of unity amongst Filipinos.

I ´ve had the chance on the three medical missions I have been, to see soldiers and voluntary doctors and nurses working hand in hand to service the people of this wonderful country and getting the best reward, the smile of a kid or returning hope to a senior, I saw the father of eight kids being so grateful because of a small surgery performed by volunteer doctors, will allow him to go back to work and provide for his family, the joy given by Pepsi, by giving away free sodas, and all is because of the effort of bringing together public and private initiatives; it works, when it is headed for the right people. This effort is a show case that should be replicated and copied.

I am impress on the human quality, professionalism, devotion to duty and patriotism of the AFP in service I had the honor to be with. For me One Rotary One Philippines One For Marawi is what service above self is all about, and thanks to you Raffy, I will carry the Spirit of One Philippines all my life, and I hope that I would be able to pass it to my descendants.

Thanks again for giving me the honor of being part of One Rotary, One Philippines One for Marawi.
Juan Montel


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